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How Do 'Fizzynumbers' Work?

"The reason Fizzynumbers works is - it catches peoples' curiosity."

It's Catchy, Its addictive and it works We are convinced that Fizzynumber will be the biggest and best name in advertising

As we start out our journey to be the best, quirkiest, most enjoyable, addictive and global advertisers, we must start at the beginning. So, the obvious place to start is my hometown - Halifax, West Yorkshire, England.

Every business needs customers and every customer wants a good deal. If we can get this combination balanced we are halfway there and if we can also make it fun and interesting at the same time - then we have cracked it.

Example 1

Let’s say we have a new restaurant called Pucker Grub in Halifax.

How would we advertise it?

Local newspaper/magazine, design a website and post flyers would be the usual methods. That’s all good and it works quite well and can often be adequate. But, let’s also take a look at a new method.

Buy a fizzynumber.

OK  - just go with this. You’ll soon catch on.

You buy Fizzynumber 45821 for Lifetime for £100 (you can get a monthly number for just £2 or Yearly for £20). This number is then added to our website’s homepage along with numerous other fizzynumbers.

Now instead of advertising Pucker Grub, we advertise Fizzynumber 45821 (this is now listed on our website but is actually a link to your very own webpage).

Note. I said ‘we’ advertise this number. By ‘we’, I mean everybody in Halifax.

We do this by you offering a prize of a £30 meal voucher to the person who can take the best, original and most innovative picture of their attempt at promoting this number around town  (Keep it legal and safe without upsetting people and you could be the winner)

That’s it.

Still don’t get it?

Ok. Let’s take a good look at the big picture of what is now happening.

Your meal voucher is placed on a list of several other prizes donated by several other Halifax businesses and each prize can be won by clever advertising.

Now we have different Fizzynumber adverts appearing in many places. People are curious as to what these numbers are that keep popping up, until the word spreads about this new advertising gimmick.

Before long, Fizzynumber move to Huddersfield then Bradford then this really catches on and moves further and further afield.

Hey, slow down.

What about the Fizzynumber website?

Well, visitors have visited and found your number which took them straight to your very own Pucker Grub website which has all the information they could possibly want about your restaurant and whilst they were there they became curious and visited many more fizzynumbers on the page too.

Now we can begin to evaluate what we have achieved.

1. Your restaurant is getting noticed by locals by clever advertising and are viewing your website directly.

2. Viewers are happy - they are getting the information by means of the clever advertising and are being directed straight to information off your website and are also getting drawn into the Fizzynumber world of fun, prizes and vouchers etc.

3. Clever little advertisers are enjoying the games and prizes that come with the website (more games and competitions will be introduced).

As Fizzynumbers grows, we will all be curious, wherever we go in the world and a Fizzynumber catches our eye by means of merchandise, posters or some other clever advertising. So we will take a look to see what is being advertised.

Because you bought a number for lifetime, you can advertise any new promotion in your restaurant whenever you want on your local page and we will also promote it on your 'local page' too.

This might all sound long-winded but it really is easy.

So, watch this space

Buy a number 

Halifax page 


every advertiser needs viewers

the idea for fizzynumbers came to me when i noticed that almost everyone seems to be constantly viewing their mobile phones, which made me think that if something unusual or quirky catches their eye (a fizzynumber) then they can instantly look up its relevance.  so, as long as people were curious, i should be able to attract them to my page.

Once they found our home page, my job was to keep them interested in it.

Firstly, they would look up the fizzynumber they had just encountered, then they would probably take a look at more random fizzynumbers, just out of curiosity. 

I then started thinking of different avenues that we could go down.

  1. What if there was a game or competition  hidden amongst the fizzynumbers
  2. what about pages designated to each town
  3. What if there was prizes for the best/most unusual fizzynumber promotion idea
  4. what about an 'eddy stobbart' type of game 'spot the fizzynumber'
  5. make fizzynumber global by paying agents 
  6. provide a merchandise company 

the website must make sure that people keep coming back to see us regularly. to do that we must keep adding games, competitions, good offers and prizes. as long as I keep attracting viewers, advertisers will be happy

How can i make fizzynumbers work for me?

Basically, it's up to your own imagination but the best way to learn is probably to view some examples. Here are some very diverse examples of how to use Fizzynumbers.

1. Instead of advertising a new restaurant in town you can advertise a Fizzynumber which draws people to your website where you have pictures, a menu, promotions and more details than you could possibly include on a banner.

2. Fizzynumbers can also work like a telephone book. Permanent links could be to a daily newspaper page, travel information page or sports page., bus times

3. You could also drop a random message, maybe you could leave a fizzynumber for your partner to find a message eg. A love message / I'm pregnant message / surprise holiday / gift.

4. sell an item - anything from a house to a golf club

5. promote an event

can you think of more?

the opportunities are endless

How to promote your FIZZYNUMBER

 we are trying to arrange a deal with a merchandise provider (watch this space)

  1. car sticker for back window
  2. pencils
  3. small poster eg. on lamp posts or shop windows
  4. business cards left in various places
  5. writing pads etc
  6. polo shirts and other clothing (we intend to arrange a supplier with our own  designer clothing)
  7. we also promote on social media (share and like our facebook promotions)

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