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Buy a Fizzynumber


Our advertising prices are shaped to suit everybody and vary from £2 to a Million pounds.

That's how diverse Fizzynumbers can be. If you want to be Fizzynumber 1 you will no doubt get a huge number of curious customers worldwide, whilst if you have an 8 digit number trying to catch some local attention you would only pay a small amount.




for promotions - we can link your fizzynumber by either:-

  • direct viewers to a specific webpage on your website
  • build a page using information you provide eg. poster, vouchers, business details
  • host a competition  (you provide a prize)


*coming soon*

 receive a promotions pack when you buy a lifetime number

this includes:- 

50 business cards with your fizzynumber on

1  x  fizzynumber pen

1 x car window sticker



  • Decide how long you want to advertise for (1 month, 1 year or Lifetime) and how much to spend
  • Buy a number using the shop below 
  • then Email us (Gary@fizzynumber.com)

Please tell us

  1. your new fizzynumber    (eg. 756482)
  2. your receipt number  (eg. paypal receipt 4567890)
  3. agents number (if applicable)
  4. your weblink address and/or (eg. www.fizzynumber.com)
  5.  message for your webpage (We can build you a simple page (copy and paste) with the information you supply)
  6. Promote your fizzynumber 

we also promote on social media (This website will work in conjunction with our facebook page)

**fizzynumber Prices**

click here to buy a fizzynumber for 1 month from just £2

Ideal for one off events, an announcement or individual item for sale


click here to buy a fizzynumber for 1 year from just £20

ideal for new businesses to get noticed plus monthly promotions


click here to buy a fizzynumber for lifetime from just £100

ideal for regular promotions, wider audiences and more viewers


To Receive a Quote on a specific fizzynumber:

Contact Us Via Email on Gary@fizzynumber.com

we reserve the right to refuse at our own discretion

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