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Agents Page

Agents-Page fizzynumber 7776664

would you like to be an agent for fizzynumber?

does it matter where i live?

no. you can be an agent Wherever you live in the world.

what does an agents job involve?

your job is to promote fizzynumber to local businesses. You will never collect money.

make sure you understand how this business works. it is not complicated

we provide you with:- 

  1. the best methods of approaching potential buyers
  2. all relevant paperwork
  3. an incentives programme 
  4. your areas' very own promotions page (only if you have 20+ promotions per month)

will there be a registration fee?

yes - there is a one off cost of £40 or local equivalent - this is for postage and administration costs.

this is to make sure you aren't just wasting our time.

any serious agent could easily make this back in no time and then go on to make an attractive wage.

How do i earn money?

once you are registered for an area you will have your own password

when a customer makes an email purchase and includes your password - you will receive 20% of that sale. 

you must ask your customer to include your password on the email when they buy a number

how do i apply?

Please apply by email to gary@fizzynumber.com

you will need:-

  • your name
  • your address and postcode 
  • a simple introduction about yourself 
  • recent picture of yourself for your id badge
  • your bank details for us to forward payments

we are always looking to improve this website so your ideas and suggestions are gratefully received and given serious consideration. 

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