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We are very excited to kick off our new website with a big promotion page for HALIFAX in West Yorkshire. Things must start somewhere and my hometown seems the logically starting place which will become an example of what we can provide for this and all other areas. 


We intend this to be the first page in a global tour to bring a new and fresh approach for advertisers to get seen by prospective customers. Our intention is for FIZZYNUMBERS to be more than just an advertising platform. We want to be entertaining and addictive by introducing new and exciting methods of enticing people to be engaged by including games, competitions and challenges with prizes, vouchers etc. so that people keep coming back regularly.

We hope that in the near future we can also provide local/town VIDEO promotions pages,

You can read more about our ideas and intentions here

If you would like to add your website, promotion, gifts or messages then please get in touch.



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Coming soon

We hope to have our own merchandise soon

this will consist of the fizzynumber logo plus your own fizzynumber


Please be aware

our agents will never collect money from customers. all transactions are done through the 'buy a fizzynumber' page

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