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the reason you are here

I'm going to guess that your here because you spotted a fizzynumber and was curious to know what it was all about. Well, for an advertiser, that is mission accomplished.

***IT WORKS***

If this was the number that the advertiser bought, you would now be viewing their website or message.

Well if i have a business why wouldn't i just advertise that instead of a number?

If your happy doing that and you get enough visitors then that's fine but although Fizzynumbers is a gimmick, it really does work in getting more people to see your website. 

advertising is all about sticking your product/service in people's minds. This not only gets noticed - it gets to the heart of things by actually getting people to view your website.

Example 1

An 'indoor mini golf' course opened recently and lots of people heard about it but that wasn't getting people through the doors. posters, newspapers and magazine adverts weren't working but then fizzynumber came along and it caught people's imagination. When these people looked up the fizzynumber they saw that the 'indoor mini golf' venue also had a restaurant, a bar and the golf looked amazing. IT WORKS

Example 2

Michael has a new menu in his restaurant. He cant really put the menu on a poster but he can promote a fizzynumber. So he bought a t-shirt that simply read 'fizzynumber 654552' . curious locals looked up the number which takes potential customers straight to his website's menu page. It works

example 3

visitor information centres have different events happening all the time so instead of /as well as their usual advertising methods they can place their fizzynumber on lamp-posts locally to get noticed. It works

FOr more examples click on the numbers above or visit our competition page to see how people promote their fizzynumbers

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